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Studies show that people who have the support of a fitness partner exercise more. A natural choice? Your spouse!

“Getting fit and healthy with your loved one means you can spend more quality time together, deepen your relationship and intimacy, and help ensure you really will grow old together,” said Dr. Monte Hunter, Director of the Augusta University Sports Medicine program.

Try some of these ideas to keep you and your spouse in shape:

  • Put it in your schedule. Your first step is to sit down with your calendars and determine when you can get together. Aim for a shared workout at least once or twice a week.
  • Find your fun. Joining a gym or taking classes together is a great way to get into the fitness habit. Keep an open mind, explore each other’s interests and be willing to learn a new sport or activity together.
  • Forgo passive Friday night dates. Instead of dinner and a movie, head to an outdoor festival, take a romantic walk and picnic in a park or dance the night away.
  • Team up. Many communities have adult coed recreation teams or competitions, such as volleyball, softball, bowling, tennis or golf. Find one you can both enjoy.
  • Book an adventurous vacation. Consider an invigorating holiday, such as skiing in Vermont, kayaking in Hilton Head, biking on the East Coast or hiking through North Georgia.
  • Give the gift of fitness. Think of all the cool sports gear you could give, such as hiking boots, in-line skates, a mountain bike, workout wear and more.
  • Set ultimate goals. Completing a marathon or reaching the peak of a mountain might have seemed far-fetched at one time, but when you’re both working toward a common goal, anything is possible.

Start — and stay — strong 

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