Community Catalyst: Ann Boardman

The Georgia Cancer Center wants to connect with you and your community!

Growing up in Augusta and the passion she has for her hometown are two big reasons why Ann Boardman believes in the mission and the need for the Georgia Cancer Center.

“I think about Augusta as a hub for eastern Georgia, western South Carolina and all these small cities and towns around us,” she said. “We want families from those areas to come to the Georgia Cancer Center and know they are getting the best care possible.”

Boardman and her family have been generous donors to the Georgia Cancer Center’s M. Bert Storey Research Building project. She said she knows the cancer center receives money from the Georgia state budget each year, but she knows the patients and the research efforts need money from private partners, too.

“It’s time for us to realize we have such a big audience in the CSRA from South Carolina and Georgia,” she said. “We have so many people who could benefit from the services offered by the Georgia Cancer Center, whether those people have cancer themselves, or a family member or friend has been diagnosed.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the estimated number of new cancer cases in Georgia is 56,920 for 2018. In South Carolina, that number is 30,450. Boardman said bringing those numbers down is going to take people living in both states coming together to create change.

“We need to show the people of Augusta and the region all that the Georgia Cancer Center has to offer,” she said. “If we can get their attention, we have a better opportunity to get them involved. If they get involved, they’re sure to be amazed at all of the good work happening inside these walls.”

We want to connect with you and your community!
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